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Locks of all types are supplied, installed, opened, serviced and/or repaired by our professional team. We have the equipment and experience to solve any lock problem. We can offer every type of mechanical and digital lock covering the entire range.


We provide a nationwide locksmithing service to our commercial clients and have a longstanding reputation for honesty, reliability and for delivering the highest quality of service.

Restricted Master Key Systems

We provide fully designed and installed Restricted Master Key Systems. This involves producing a unique pinning structure providing keys at differing levels offering access to specific locks. Systems can be designed for any scale from a single door to a complete office building. The keys provided are unable to be reproduced without authority and combined with key register and matrix, offer a high security environment.

Re-keying & Key Cutting

We are able to re-key your premises to enable one key to fit all locks (subject to existing locks). We can, where appropriate, carry this out at multiple sites. We can also cut any key to match a sample and in many cases we can cut keys to locks where there is no sample available. This work is often carried out on-site saving time and costs.

Emergency Break Bar / Panic Bolt

We supply and install emergency break bar bolts (also called panic bolts) with green, plastic inserts - these are ideal for food service environments as opposed to the glass or ceramic cylinders - for fire exit or emergency doors. We also supply the replacement break bars.

Property inspection, security design and upgrades

Our experienced technicians will survey your new property site and provide detailed recommendations and a full quote for all your locking and security requirements.

Key control products and technologies

Key control cabinets, traditional mechanically locked cabinets. Online electronically, networked software-controlled cabinets offering oversight and control of who has access to what key and or swipe card with time/date controls.

Lock Services

Lock Services

Our mobile locksmithing team have the equipment and experience to solve any lock problem. We supply, install and service all major brands.

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